Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fairly random evening

I had to stay home from prayer meeting tonight, because I need to revise a paper for Friday, and get a heap of reading done. I figured that it would be smart to get more work done tonight, because tomorrow I'm not going to want to be cramming when Shannon gets here!

It'll be good to have Shannon visiting. My brain is so tired, after this long semester, and Shanny makes me smile. And she's a good houseguest for a grad student: thanks to her roommate, this is all normal to her.

This probably all sounds disjointed, but I'm tired. Maybe I'll read in the bathtub for a while.

How I'm surviving this semester:
  • frequent baths;
  • tea;
  • occasional panicked phone calls to Karl and Ky;
  • Christopher taking care of me;
  • God;
  • walks to the beach;
  • getting to know my fellow grad students;
  • taking Friday evenings off for games and things;
  • break-time snacks. Especially on the day when I have two back-to-back three-hour classes: it's all about pre-planning the snacks for the breaks;
  • occasional houseguests, to break up the routine.

Oh, and speaking of tea: the grad student who shares my office went to Vancouver last weekend, and he picked up for me a refill of The Best Tea Ever. Hooray for Pear Tree Green. Hooray for the nearby Serious Coffee that sells T tea, so that I was tided over with the occasional cup of Pear Green, even if I had no control over the temperature of the water or the amount of time it would steep (only thirty seconds! Not boiling water! I'm going to taste tannins if you don't pass that cup to me right now!). Meg has corrupted me.


Meg Persson said...

I may have corrupted you, but at least now you can say that you have tasted a truly superior cup of tea.

I'm not ashamed.

Limon de Campo said...

These all sound like wonderful coping strategies--good for you. I just curl in a fetal position and whimper.