Saturday, September 17, 2005

As One in a Dream

What I strange day I had yesterday. I woke up in Victoria, went through my usual household routines there, drove down Pay Bay Highway to the airport (past the ocean) and flew for way too long (or at least spent too long in the airplane -- engine trouble in Edmonton) and suddenly I was in Regina, as if I'd never left. I was driving Dad's car down Ring Road to IVCF, feeling like I finally woke up from a dream and was finally back in the familiar. Except I still felt like I was in a dream, because I ran into my cousin Saryn (who spent the summer in Victoria) in the University, and there were so many new people at IVCF and cramsey was the President and was being all outgoing! There were a bunch of people there who had no idea I'd moved. Even they assumed that nothing had changed.

Such a strange day. It was a good day: I got a lot of things worked out with grad studies, for my defense, and I got to spend time with lots of people at IVCF. Now I'm in my pyjamas (still) and I'm anticipating an afternoon with Wee Girlie and Brandy.

My goal for the next while: bathe and figure out a little more about what I'll present at my defense, before they start asking me questions. I got a bunch figured out on the plane, but I want my presentation to be pretty polished, especially because I know that Dr. B has some high expectations. And because I want to "knock 'em dead." As the saying goes.

So, back to Little Grandma and Mom (they're having adventures in shoe polishing around me) and all that.

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Jen said...

Good luck!