Saturday, September 03, 2005

The absent blogger...

Wow! I skipped a whole day of blogging. I guess everything that I've thought of to write has either felt insufficient, or overly frivolous. I get like this, every time I feel like the world is falling apart: I become glued to the news, and that's all I talk about.

Well, also at the same time we've been going crazy with the job hunting: we went full-force with job-searching and applications and all that yesterday. We found out that it'll be another week (at least) until we know if the Saanich job has shortlisted Chris, and decided that we should be actively looking for lots of other options during that time.

On the positive side, I had a fabulous meeting with my new grad chair on Thursday. We got very excited planning out my programme, and then she told me that there's a post-doc here who is specialised in my dream field! (Twentieth century German memory theory.) She even wrote her MA thesis on my favourite topic: the problems of commemoration of the Second World War in Germany. I got pretty worked up about it. My grad chair is going to get me in contact with the post-doc. Hooray!

So, yeah. There's the update about me. I'm feeling remarkably non-brilliant today.

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