Friday, August 19, 2005

Wireless -- Whee!

Chris picked up a wireless router today! He is thrilled, because we've now networked the computers and therefore his computer has internet again, for the first time in a year. He anticipates many games of the online version of Settlers of Catan against his brother. (Who cannot just charge into the next room and punch him in the shoulder, as Geoffy is wont to do when they play against each other at home.)

I'm thrilled because I'm mobile again!

I'm also feeling a remarkable amount of incentive to get work done right now. I think I'm going to sew a curtain to cover the window in the front door; currently, the window is covered by the fabric I'm going to use, which I draped over the curtain rod (rather sloppily).

Or maybe I feel like cooking. It is supper time, after all.

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