Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Opening my eyes

I have this incredible ability to tune out of my surroundings. Just ask Meg: if there was something that could potentially provide me stress, I had this amazing ability to just not see it. I would walk through a disgustingly messy room and not notice, because I'd shut off my brain to that. I drift along, not entirely present in my surroundings.

This morning I poked my head out the door, to check if there was any mail, and somehow looking outside caused me to snap back into reality. Where am I? What am I doing here? Chris is off job hunting, and so I'd dropped out more than usual. When I dropped back into reality, I discovered that I'm still in my housecoat, at nearly lunchtime, I have an unread book sitting beside me (that's what I should be working on), and that the grungy bowl at my feet is from cheese dip from last night.

Time to get moving.


Jen said...

I have days like that to.

Jen said...