Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dr. Pepper Slurpee was a bad idea...

... or at least after 10:00 at night! It is currently 2:00 am, and I am wiiiiiiiiiide awake.

And bored of all my procrastination options. Nothing online has been updated at this time of night, and I've finished my book!

I could put away the laundry I just folded, or I could try to make myself tired. I think the latter option sounds more realistic.

But first, I'll take stock of the day:

I am wearing: a green tanktop and jean shorts.

I keep being distracted by: a penguin puppet on my floor.

I'm grateful to my roommate today: she downloaded "One Night In Bangkok" by Murreyhead for me tonight. (I avoid putting any sort of downloading programs on my computer, and she has Acquisition.)

Most amusing phonecall of the day: Christopher, who called so that I could listen to the hail hitting the roof of his trailer.

Accomplishments of the day: I helped Karl with his essay (it was more History than English, and so he felt outside of his comfort zone), did four loads of laundry, cooked a decent supper, and worked on RSVPs and the guest list.

I did not accomplish: all that other stuff.

Why I am feeling antsy: tomorrow I'll have been home for a week, and I still haven't gotten my draft back from Dr. B. (He said that he'd have it read and commented on by the time I returned from BC.) On both of our sides this thesis has taken longer than we'd estimated. How much longer is this going to take, and am I going to be finished in time?

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