Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coffee House Junkie's Review: Tour Edition

I promised this entry ages ago (and wrote out the original edition in the coffee house itself, albeit with far more exclamation points), and now I finally have the gumption to type it out.

Coffee House: Blenz on Granville Rd. in downtown Vancouver.

Atmosphere: Exactly what it needs to be -- a nice spot to sit, relax and watch people, on a busy street. They also played really sweet music.

Service: Excellent, considering the fact that we were disoriented tourists who were dragging in a bunch of luggage and took ages to decide. (And had Laura wandering down the street to McDonald's and coming back with a McFlurry.) They were very gracious, and really fun. The one drawback of the service was the bathrooms, which I was informed were "sketchy."

Coffee: Fun options, such as the Maple Macchiato Latte (which both Ari and I got). Christopher would've been thrilled. Karl got a Matchachillo, which created a monster (he went out and bought his own Matcha the next day, and just made iced matcha lattes tonight). He described the "chillo" version (slurpee, essentially) as "Yoda in a blender." I haven't recovered. I was curious to try their house blends of coffee, which were all named after areas of Vancouver.

Price: at first I found it to be steep, but then I compared it with the other coffee shops on the west coast, and discovered that it's reasonable. Apparently, I'm spoiled on the prairies.

Grade: A (started off as A+ until Ari saw the bathrooms).

After discovering Blenz, and then hanging out at Toria's a block and a half from my new house, I discovered that BC is the Coffee House Junkie's heaven. I'm anticipating the future addiction. And Christopher is dreading the potential coffee-related expenditures. This is why someone needs to buy us a cappuccino maker for our wedding. Oh! And coffee syrups.


Chris Reed said...

But your allergic to coffee!? Oh well. Yes, please somebody buy us the cappuccino maker, especially if coffee is more expensive than it is here.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

We're not going to mention my coffee and tea allergy. Neither will we ever again speak of my allergist's orders that I cut out all dairy products. I'm fine, and he doesn't understand.

Janny said...

You are in denial sista. The longer I have been aware of my allergies, the more aware I am of exactly what is affecting me. I still drink tea but only in moderation.
"Yoda in a blender" is that supposed to sound good? I am hoping Karl was meaning it was enlightening rather than tasted like a tiny green Jedi master.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

It looked like Yoda in a blender, but tasted like green tea.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh Janice, I had the exact same fear. I was wondering what Yoda would taste like. I guessed salty.