Thursday, June 23, 2005

23 Days

In a little more than three weeks, I'll be married. And there is so much to do before that, and after that. I still need to track down all the licensing paperwork, not to mention the bazillion name-change forms I'll have to fill out (especially for all of my cards, but especially all the University stuff). Yup, I'm changing my name. I feel like I'm going against the academic current; I've been published under my maiden name and everything. But: a.) marrying into a fabulous new last name, which will down way better with "Dr." in front of it; b.) I guess I'm kind of traditional, and deep down I think I'll feel more married having his name. But, this way, I'll have two of my three degrees under the same name, because I'll do all the name-change stuff with the UofR right away. (But, now that I'll be married when I defend, my school's rules state that my husband cannot attend the defense. Any friends can attend, and if Chris and I were just engaged that would be okay, but "family members" cannot attend, which the school defines quite traditionally. Not that I want anyone to attend, other than the required committee members and the examiner.)

Twenty-three days. And for eight of them I'll be at Camp. I have:
Next week - in which I'll have a grad that I'm performing at (orchestra) plus one evening of practice, a shower thrown by Meg, and please please please Dr. B tell me I'll have the draft back by then. Oh, and I'll also be packing, because I ought to have most of the house packed before Camp.
The Week of Camp - I'll be gone from the Saturday of one week to the Sunday of the next.
The week leading up to the wedding - I plan to be crazy during that week, by the way.

Excuse me while I go lay in the middle of the floor, in an attempt to wrap my mind around all the imminent life changes.


age of insomnia said...

In three weeks from now...

...I will be wearing a suit.

I certainly hope you're pleased with yourself.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, you can't complain too much, because you don't have to wear shoes. I made the same promise to Ky, but she's torn between her love of being barefoot, and the potential of cute shoes.