Friday, May 20, 2005

Amusements for a Lazy Morning

First of all, here's a link to that site that generates the Scrabble score of your name. As a reminder, my score for "Queen of West Procrastination" was 45. And I got the link via The Little Professor. There. Now I it's not entirely gone from my blog, but isn't messing up the format. It's been really emotional for me, folks. (Ky understands me.)

I've been reading through my Sitemeter stats a bunch more, and the Google search terms that find me have gotten funnier. So many people find me, looking for stalker songs! Huzzah! So many soulmates! (Or people to fear: you take your pick.)

Other terms: "canadian tire radiator coolant" Oh, I hope you didn't think I'd have some advice about your car. Just look what happened to mine, when I thought it was the coolant that was the problem. Car advice from the Queen of WP: you, too, can have your car stranded in Swift Current.

"glasses blind without my glasses" I'm not sure what one would find on the internet about this. Yes, you are blind without your glasses. I am, too. Good thing you researched it. (Or are they saying that their glasses are blind without glasses? Woah.)

"Queen Cliopatra" ... "Songs about Cliopatra, Joan of Archm and Afferdity" These make my brain hurt. "Afferdity" threw me for a loop, until I realised this person meant "Aphrodite." Wow, apparently many people mis-spell "Cleopatra," leading them to people who are punning on the name "Clio," the muse of history. Perhaps this mistake will lead them to read important historical blogging, leading them to become further educated, leading them to understand how to spell the names of important historical/mythical figures, not to mention to realise that there is less than no connection between Joan of Arc (or Archm) and Aphrodite.

And my favourite:

"summertime swelling ankles" Have I complained about my cankles enough that Google is now referring anyone with large ankles to me? Awesome.

On another Sitemeter-related note: I've noticed that I have a regular reader from the Moose Jaw School Division. That's really cool, especially because I don't actually know anyone from that School Division (at least, I don't think I do), even though it's only 45 minutes away from me. For the longest time, I somehow assumed it was Chris, but that's silly. And so: pleased to meet you, neighbour. (Well, in Saskatchewan terms.)

I am wearing: yellow pyjamas (capri-style pants, button-up shirt). It's 9am on a toddler-free day. Of course I'm in my pyjamas!

Accomplishments of the day: I left a message on my nurse's voicemail, watched the newest Sloan video (as e-mailed to me by my sister) and blogged. Update: okay, now the nurse has phoned, and so I've booked an allergy shot for this morning.

To do, today: bus to Swift Current, pay for car repairs, meet Chris at the mall, drive home as a convoy (my dad suggested I do this, in case there is something else wrong with my car). Then, I have a couple of hours until my friends' housewarming party. (By the way: why do I feel way too young to have friends who own a house?)

Highlight of yesterday: well, I received a few pieces of happy news that I can't share yet, but also my friend Matt came over in the afternoon, while WG was napping, and we hung out and talked. Then, after WG woke up, the three of us had a fun afternoon of playing! WG loves making new friends.

Favourite word of the day: "blogosphere."

Emotion of the moment: I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Patrick wearing a grandma coat in that video?

Meg Persson said...

We got a great big convoy, trucking through the night. We got a great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight.

Just for you, hon. It'll get stuck in your head forever.



Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ky: Patrick's coat was totally a grandma coat. Awesome.

Meg: You're not as dead to me, because I already got the song stuck in my own head by singing it over the walkie-talkie to Chris on the trip. I'm a big dork.

arimich <> said...

You had walkie talkies on your car trip? That's funny. Did you play games the whole way there? By the way, I am more than excited to see you in less than THREE weeks! Love, Ari.

Life of Turner said...

Uh, Breaker One-Nine, this here's the Rubber Duck
You got a copy on me Pig-Pen? C'mon

Uh, yeah 10-4 Pig Pen, fer sure, fer sure
By golly it's clean clear to Flag-Town, C'mon

Uh, yeah, that's a big 10-4 Pig-Pen,
Yeah, we definitely got us the front door good buddy,
Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy

Was the dark of the moon, on the sixth of June
In a Kenworth, pullin' logs
Cabover Pete with a reefer on
And a Jimmy haulin' hogs
We 'as headin' fer bear on I-One-Oh
'Bout a mile outta Shaky-Town
I sez Pig-Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck
An' I'm 'bout to put the hammer on down

Cause we gotta little ol' convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta little ol' convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, breaker Pig-Pen, this here's The Duck
Uh, you wanna back off them hogs
10-4, 'bout five mile or so, 10-roger
Them hogs is gittin' in-tense up here

By the time we got into Tulsa-Town
We had eighty-five trucks in all
But they's a road block up on the clover leaf
An' them bears 'as wall to wall
Yeah them smokies 'as thick as bugs on a bumper
They even had a bear-in-the-air
I sez callin' all trucks, this here's The Duck
We about to go a huntin' bear

Cause we gotta great big convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, you wanna give me a 10-9 on that Pig-Pen?
Uh, negatory Pig-Pen, yer still too close
Yeah, them hogs is startin' close up my sinuses
Mercy sakes, you better back off another ten

Well we rolled up interstate fourty-four
Like a rocket sled on rails
We tore up all a our swindle sheets
An' left 'em settin' on the scales
By the time we hit that Chi-Town
Them bears was a gittin' smart
They'd brought up some reinforcements
From the Illinois National Guard
There 'as armored cars, and tanks, and Jeeps
An' rigs of every size
Yeah them chicken coops 'as full a bears
An' choppers filled the skies
Well we shot the line, an' we went for broke
With a thousand screamin' trucks
And eleven long-haired friends of Jesus
In a chartreusse microbus

Hey Sod Buster, listen
You wanna put that microbus in behind the suicide jockey?
Yeah, he's haulin dynamite
He needs all the help he can git

Well we laid a strip fer the Jersey Shore
An' prepared to cross the line
I could see the bridge 'as lined with bears
But I didn't have a doggone dime
I sez Pig-Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck
We just ain't a gonna pay no toll
So we crashed the gate doin' ninety-eight
I sez, let them truckers roll, 10-4

Cause we gotta mighty convoy, rockin' through the night
Yeah we gotta mighty convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on an' join our convoy, ain't nothin' gonna git in our way
We're gonna roll this truckin' convoy, cross the USA
Convoy... Convoy...

Uh, 10-4 Pig-Pen, what's yer 20?
Well they oughta know what to do with them hogs out there fer sure
Well mercy sakes alive good buddy
We gonna back on outta here
So keep the bugs off yer glass
An' the bears off yer... tail
We gonna catch ya on the flip-flop
This here's the Rubber Duck on the side
We gone
Bye, Bye...

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Karl just reminded me about the link between Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Aphrodite -- that song "She's So High Above Me" or whatever that was popular like five years ago. I remember that.

Anonymous said...

OK, what the H? It amuses me to no end that Karl remembers that song.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ha! Ky confused Karl and Derek. More proof that they are, in ways, essentially the same person. Or arch-nemeses, like in Unbreakable.