Thursday, May 26, 2005

Acquisition Dream Come True

So, ages ago I over-optimistically special ordered Deborah Smail's White-collar Workers, Mass Culture And Neue Sachlichkeit In Weimar Berlin: A Reading Of Hans Fallada's Kleiner Mann, Was Nun?, Erich Kastner's Fabian And Irmgard Keun's Das Kunstseidene Madchen, which is the single most important secondary source for my thesis (and my upcoming dissertation), and which I keep having to order through Inter-Library Loans. I assumed that the usual would happen: after a couple of months, Amazon would e-mail me that they couldn't track down a copy, and then the next time I checked, the special order option would be gone (as they discovered that it is out of print and unavailable). This has happened to me before (as a result, I lurk on ABE Books, but I haven't had much luck with a couple of necessary books).

And then I got a message from Amazon today, informing me that my order has been shipped. It should be here within a week.

I'm still stunned. I own that book now. And it'll get here before my ILL order arrives, and just when I need it.


Chris Reed said...

Those short catchy titles will get you everytime.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are a comic genius. I'm still laughing.