Friday, April 08, 2005

Summer! Summer! Summer!

I woke up in the lovliest way this morning: Meg and I had a camp-out in the middle of the living room floor last night, leaving the window open. This morning, I woke up to the sun being very bright and the world feeling, smelling and sounding distinctly like summer.

First, this made me thankful for the drastically sudden season-changes we undergo here in Saskatchewan. (I am usually not so thankful in the autumn, when we go from shorts and sandals weather to snow in a matter of days. Boo!)

Then it made me realise I'm getting married in the summer. And my Inbox was full of wedding-related e-mails. And informed me that it's 100 days until my wedding! Tomorrow is "Double Digits Day"!

And then I realised that I'd probably get some effective homework done, if I worked here in the middle of the living room floor for a while.

Happy Spring, folks.


Meg Persson said...

Effective homework, huh? I'm sure Paris Hilton and Carlos Santana and other people's blogs have a lot to do with the Weimar Republic. Really! I do!

I know your secrets.. you can't keep anything from..... THE ROOMMATE! Hahaha!

Wow, I'm in a weird mood today. Just felt like antagonizing you for a while. luv ya! Woooosy.


Anonymous said...

Yes Meg!! Let the mockery continue!! Maryanne's a sock-wearing woooosy!

Becca said...

I understand the influence of warm temperatures.... ooo... summer... ooo spring.... ooo... yay! ...
i like the word woosie by the way... It will prolly become another M&M ism I will internalize...

LynnieC said...

Don't you mean the WEINER republic??? HA! woosy.

(don't ever tell Dr B I called it the Weiner republic or I would no longer be his favourite).

LynnieC said...

Crappers! Did I spell Wiener wrong? Wiener, weiner, wiener, weiner. HA. Hotdogs are awesome.
If the moon were made out of hotdogs, would you eat it? Quit jerkin' me around Norm. Would you?
I know I would.

Crazy Legs said...

Man, you're so cool, that when you post a comment, in like, less than a day you have more than five comments.

I'm not cool. BOO.

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