Tuesday, April 05, 2005


So, I was doing my usual browsing of the academic blogs (I still need to read History Carnival #5) and I noticed that Sharon Howard from Early Modern Notes linked to my blog! (It's in the list of "weblogs") Suddenly, I feel like I ought to be writing more about my work... I can't tell you how excited I am.

I'm awfully excitable today, for some reason. I received a letter from my department today, and my first thought was, "This is about SSHRC! I know it! Oh no! The envelope's so thin! What if I was rejected?" and my heart was racing and I tore the envelope open. I'm invited to the year-end departmental barbeque. It's at Dr. B's house. (On the other hand - fun!)

On another note, my honorary little brother wrote sometime nice about me on his blog, which makes me smile. Yes, I was awake for half the night with a four-hour phone conversation. It's officially my longest phone call ever. But it was good, and it sounds like Derek's doing a lot better as a result of it. So that is good. And I got to sleep in today, so there's no harm in the occasional night where you're up until 3am.

To update on Christopher's stolen wallet, someone found his driver's license and health card a few blocks away from the church. So, are they just going to find the entire contents of his wallet scattered across the core area? (Note to thief: please have scattered the first Valentine I ever gave Christopher somewhere near some card with his contact information on it, so that we can get that back.) So, there was no cash in the wallet, the thief didn't attempt to use the credit card, and he/she left discarded everything that would be useful for any kind of identity fraud. And didn't touch anything else that was valuable in the car. What's the point? (I think the point is that I should be thankful that this wasn't worse.)

I am wearing: sadly, still my pyjamas. I haven't gotten very far today. (I am typing up an essay for Meg -- she wrote it out by hand and then was late for school, and I am a ridiculously quick typist. That's what you get when you start teaching typing classes in Grade 7.) So: Lynchburg College IVCF shirt (a present from Christina), stripey pyjama pants, and rubber-soled slippers.

I am smiling because: I just looked at the yellow daisies that Christopher gave me this week. He's a good one.

Progress on the thesis since yesterday: Well... um... I'm going to organise my workspace first? Okay, I'll make sure that I get some done today. I really am excited about the sources I found yesterday, to weave into the thesis. Dr. B said that the writing and my arguments are good, but that it's too much of a close reading and needs to be more grounded in the secondary literature, not to mention some outside primary sources. Well, this is a good excuse to read Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye To Berlin.

Update: I just Googled this blog, and it turns out that the History News Network's Cliopatra has included the Queen of West Procrastination in the Cliopatra History Blogroll! I'm listed under "Academic Lives." I think I need to go lie down now. (For me, this is the historian equivalent of getting a comment from the Manolo.) For goodness sake, I'm in the same list as Blogenspiel!


Jen said...

Doesn't that just make you feel important? It makes me feel important, and I only know you :)

Life of Turner said...

Yay for blog name droppage! You never know who's going to read it. That's part of the fun of blogging, really. And yay for Maryanne's blog! I remember when a certain someone took pride in the fact that she left anonymous comments because she didn't want to sign up with Blogger. Heehee. Who's a blogger now, huh? Huh? The blogolution continues!

Derek out.

Becca said...

Hey Mary - I miss you!! and yah - I think you have a good boy - i mean daisies! Sweet! I like flowers...anyhow 4 more weeks and I will be seeing YOU!! yay... sorry random comment... but just wanted to say hi and that I like reading your blog...