Thursday, March 10, 2005

Now I'm Just Compulsively Blogging...

I was on the Internet anyway (uploading my thesis to NetStorage, so that I don't have to be paranoid about something happening to my computer).

Currently Playing: "Coax Me" by Sloan. Now "Anyone At All" by Carole King.

My Workspace: I'm working in the middle of my living room floor, surrounded by books and papers.

I'm wearing: grey pants that I bought ages ago, with a v-neck navy bowling sweater I bought even longer ago, all from Value Village from the height of my retro phase. (Not that it's entirely left... you should've seen the amazing dress I wore on Friday night!)

Meg and I had a fun walk. We didn't go for very long, because the wind was cold, and we were in our matching trenchcoats (hers blue, mine pink). I can't even describe how we looked. Some little kids were conspiring too loudly to throw snowballs, and so Meg stuck her tongue out at them. We were only going to go around a long block, but we got too cold and it was slippery, and so we took back alleys (my idea). It turned out that one of the back alleys had become a giant lake! Yes, it was my fault. And so we had to cling close to a fence and trudge through a snowbank. I was wearing knee-high boots (with thigh-high stripey socks), and so it wasn't a problem for me. Meg was in hikers. Apparently I owe her now, or something.

I took a camera along, to chronicle our adventures. And to chronicle the garden gnome I found sticking out of the snow. And the melting snowman, from ground level. I wish I had a digital camera (it'll be ages before I finish this roll, much less get it developed).

Now we are both madly trying to get work done, as we have been doing this whole week. Meg's working at the library (although I imagine she'll be home soon).

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