Saturday, January 29, 2005

Odds and Ends

Pleasant News: My sister's coming down to Regina on Sunday, to work as an extra on the Just Friends movie. She might also go to Moose Jaw in February for some more extra stuff, something involving being someone skating in the background. Fun!

I am currently wearing: My new yoga clothes (sort of sweats and a running shirt) that I ended up wearing to bed last night because they're so comfortable. So, I'm still wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday evening.

Song Currently Stuck in My Head: "Polly Put the Kettle On." I have no idea why.

Yesterday's Achievements: I got a lot done! Before I went for my allergy shot (10:40am appointment -- yeah, I'm shocked that I got up early to do anything else before that) I squared things up with my bank (student loan stuff), and Priority Couriered my UVic application. It should be at the Grad Studies office by Monday noon. Yay, a day before the (suggested) deadline! Then, a friend of mine came along with me when I got my allergy shot, so that was fun because I wasn't bored sitting there for the fifteen minutes they wanted me to wait after the shot. And I had a good yoga class (I love it!), dropped off stuff for my supervisor to read of my thesis, got a ton done at the library, took a friend shopping, did some yoga stretches while I waited for supper to cook (sore muscles), and went to IVCF's Friday event. After the event, we went to this girl Kristin's house, and I ended up having a bunch of good conversations with people. (I had way too much energy -- post-allergy shot and yoga -- to sit down and play the game most people were playing at the house.) I also got lots of hugs. A good day, all around. And I didn't have a chance to be lazy! Yaaaaay! Progress!

I am amused by: the fact that my roommate is talking about llamas on the phone right now. I have no idea why.

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