Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm back, but exhausted...

Wow -- I went for a few whole days without updating. Weird. I was just away at a winter retreat with the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Regina SIAST chapters of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Good times. However, it took 20 hours to make the normally 2 1/2 hour trip to Saskatoon, because we had to stay overnight in Davidson! I'll have to share the story about our adventures another time, because I'm too tired and non-clever right now to do it justice.

In addition to general tiredness as a result of the weekend, and of talking on the phone until late at night, I had my first (finally) allergy injection today, starting off the "build-up" process until I get to the dosage where it actually increases my immunity to my allergies. Since they inject me with pure extract of the stuff I'm allergic to, at the doses lower that the "maintenance dose," I'm going to be reacting to everything they inject me with. And so I've been exhausted ever since my shot, because my allergies to dust and mold make me tired. Yuck. How many weeks does this take? (Janice could answer that one -- she's been doing this for years. It runs in the family.)

So, I'm sorry for being all whiney right now. We'll end off with some questions.

I am wearing: black turtleneck and jeans, with my hair done (or it was before my nap) and makeup. I wanted to feel like I looked good today, to combat the statistically most depressing day of the year. (Depressing nature of my day: counteracted by nice weather.)

Song currently stuck in my head: Weird. There's nothing there. I must be tired if my mind's that blank. Oh, wait: now there's "Angel of the Morning." (I actually went back to previous entries to find other questions I asked of myself, because as I said before: I'm feeling profoundly unclever.)

I'm currently procrastinating from: going to bed. I'll work all day tomorrow, but right now I can't get anything productive done.

Highlight of my day: the first session of my Girls' Group! We have a bunch of new girls this semester. Good times. I also enjoyed watching "Corner Gas" with my neighbour boy Eldon. (Did I mention that we have friends that live in the same complex as us? It makes life fun. Eldon and I've determined that we're twin brother and sister. The similarities between the two of us is often creepy. And I definitely don't treat him like either a bigger or littler brother! We're equally silly together.)

I am thankful for: God's protection on the road this weekend, and especially that no one (and really nothing but the cars -- not even the guitars in the trunk of the rear-ended car) was hurt when a couple of the cars in our convoy got into an accident in a white-out just before Davidson. And that the weekend ended up going really well (nothing like an unexpected stay in a small town motel for a group to bond more). I'm also thankful for the good talks I had on the weekend. I have lovely friends. And that Chris didn't die, or get horribly pranked, sleeping in a quinzee at his school on a January night. (Check out his adventures in the quinzee here.)

Last movie I watched: 10 Things I Hate About You, last night with Meg and Karl. Good times.

Most recent addition to the Margaret Atwood Wall: Another scary picture of her, from last week's Globe and Mail, with the headline: "Me and My Monster Hand."

If there are more typographical errors than usual (although there usually are many): Sleepy. And usually too lazy to edit once I'm done. (A bad habit for a writer.)


arimich <> said...

I missed you! Love, Ari.

Anonymous said...

Build up process for allergy shots usually takes about 3 weeks.