Thursday, January 20, 2005


Today's a good day: the Bodum teapot has arrived! It's much larger than the one I broke (it was Meg's, and so I ordered a new one, but I thought her old one was the 4-cup and not the 2-cup model). Improvement on design: they re-did the spout so that it doesn't spill tea all over the place. Nicely played, Bodum. When the UPS delivery guy arrived, I totally freaked him out by cheering when I saw what it was! And (because I'm embarassing) by me telling him that I just sent a nasty letter to Yahoo! Stores complaining about how the teapot still hadn't arrived. (They sent me a form to rate the service and product. So, I told them what I thought. And, I swear I'd just barely pressed "Send" when the UPS guy rang the doorbell.) UPS guy's response to all this: "Um, enjoy your tea?"

And so, I'm drinking my inaugeral cup of tea. (Saskatoon Berry loose leaf, from Parentau's.) Don't tell my allergist.

Where I am working: on the couch again. But at least I'm home alone!

I am wearing: the same pyjamas and slippers as usual. Ew.

Songs I've listened to since I began this post: "Angel of the Morning" by Merilee Rush, "Someone Like You" by Van Morrison, "In My Solitude" by Billie Holliday, "War Child" by the Cranberries, "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)" from Mary Poppins, "Black Bird" sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack. I'm listening to my iTunes "Night Music" playlist (it was intended to be a mellow distraction for when I'm working late at night). Oh, and I've been singing any available harmonies.

Today I've eaten: Whoops, only leftover vermicelli noodles. Note to self: eat.

Interesting interruption from my blogging: the assistant Property Manager came over to test our smoke detector (for goodness sake, they gave us a calendar with all the dates when they'd be entering the suite, and for some reason I always forget and he always sees me in my pyjamas). He's really nice -- unlike Grumpy Harold (our resident Property Manager, whose wife Sylvia is the sweetest ever). I mentioned to Assistant Property Manager that I'm working on my thesis, and he asked me what on, and it turns out that he has his BA in History, and a B.Ed. in History and Psychology, he taught High School history for five years, and he did a year of an MA in History! I have no idea why he's testing smoke detectors and trimming trees for a living, then. (Except if he also lives in the complex and he's also a resident maintenance person. But I digress.) But it was neat, except that I was wearing the aforementioned pyjamas and slippers.

I am procrastinating from: Continuing work on my thesis (going on to page 4!), getting dressed, practicing my flute before our concert tonight, making a proper lunch, and learning German.

Hopefully I'll have more work done before the next time I write! And Janice: I'm praying for saving driving for you guys!


Aardvark Al said...

Get to work! Get to work!

Crazy Legs said...

Getting a Maryanne to work is slightly less difficult than getting a Kat to stop acting blonde. We can post "Get to work! Get to work!" all we want. It won't help. Will it Mary?